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To Bring You Endless Amounts of Confidence, Empowerment, Beauty and Positive Energy 

The iSmile California Difference

I decided to create this company after realizing that the teeth whitening products on the market were deceiving, by either not getting the job done or by causing you pain, burning sensations and discomfort.

In a world of selfies and video conferencing, my main goal was to provide you a beautiful bright smile while maintaining the strength and integrity of your gums and teeth. Not only does a healthy smile look great, but it relates to overall health, too. Backed up by Beauty & Science, iSmile California was fully dedicated to preserving your overall mouth health as a priority while providing amazing fast whitening results in the comfort of your own home. 

Introducing the Dual-Light Technology which is uniquely designed by and for iSmile California:

All our products carry a perfect combination and ratio of Red & Blue LED Lights wavelengths. The blue lights activate the teeth whitening gel to enhance its whitening effect while the red lights technology reduces the tooth sensitivity, repairs tissues, prevents receding gum lines and kills gingivitis-causing bacteria during the whitening treatment.

Thanks to this new and unique technology, I hope to bring you endless amounts of confidence, empowerment, beauty and positive energy because that’s what it is designed to do. There is something really incredible about controlling your own beauty and enhancing what’s already yours. I can’t tell you the amount of joy it brings me when I see how good our products make people feel. The days of getting the desired white teeth with pain and sensitivity are over. With iSmile California you have the power to get a beautiful white smile and enhance your beauty while maintaining healthy gum and teeth.

It’s about your beauty, it’s about your smile, and it’s about your health too.

Love, luck and a beautiful smile,

Marion G.


Bright & Fast

Most customers see results after their first treatment and drastic improvements after a few days of use.

100% Pain Free

Engineered to whiten your teeth without the pain, irritation or sensitivity found in most other oral care brands.

Teeth, Gums &

Unique technology designed to remove stains while protecting your enamel. gums and overall mouth.


Whitening products made with the highest quality ingredients in a FDA-certified facility and never tested on animals.


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